pattern ideas

i have been having a lot of fun playing around with repeat patterns lately. here a some of the little sketches that i record in my sketch book of shapes and patterns that catch my eye that i then scan and play around with in photoshop. the results are always so different and exciting.


my studio space

week 1

so, it is now friday and my first week back as a student AND my very first week as a blogger has come to an end.
have spent most of this week getting settled and doing the really important things - like decorating my studio space and surrounding myself with pretty things. am definitely a creature of my surroundings! 
have begun turning some of my thinking into drawings and will hopefully be ready next week to start making something tangible out of my ideas. let the sampling begin!!


my third year work

as my body of work this year is a continuation of the ideas in my third year, i thought it best to give a little background.

last year i was looking at the unique characteristics that occur in my everyday surroundings. for me, beauty lies in the simple and the ordinary, the everyday scenes and objects you pass by on a daily basis. i experimented with imagery in an abstract approach, to generate pattern suitable for screen-printing to create a dialogue among the element of shape, colour and texture. my goal was to develop a range of layered imagery to create one off designs for a limited production run.

using this concept of the everyday in my designs, i wanted to create a series of work where the function of the textiles would be suitable for everyday purposes. i decided to go with bags and skirts, however could also see my prints being suitable in the interior space.

these are some pictures taken when i was installing my work in the gallery for my assessment last year.


yikes - i am blogging!

this is a rather huge excitement for me as it is one of those things in life that i just keep putting off.
my motivation for beginning this now, co-insides with the first week of my honours year in my textiles degree at the anu, school of art in canberra. i thought this would be a great way for me to motivate myself by recording and sharing the ideas, methods, process and inspiration of my body of work in my final year - an online visual diary, as such.
i am really looking forward to the wonderful connections and communication that this exciting on-line world has to offer.