cutlery collages

I have been working on this small series of collages to exhibit alongside my textiles and ceramics as a visual explanation of my design process and how I respond to an everyday object to generate pattern.

I was quite excited about the different shapes and patterns of these orange handled utensils and was hoping to emphasise these unique qualities in the collages.

Am really glad that I chose to use the white box frame opposed to the black, the colours appear to be much more vibrant and fresh.


my creative space

...is the kiln!!

This week has been all about finishing my ceramics in preparation for my final assessment in 3 weeks. This stage is by far the most nerve racking part of the process. I did do a test fire, however with different ceramics to the ones I decided to go with here. To my relief, they turned out beautifully, even more vibrant than when they went in!!! YAY
You can view more creative spaces here.


bentwood progress

After a lot of TLC and elbow grease from a very patient friend of mine, these bentwood babies are finally coming together. Getting them structurally sound was one thing, but figuring out how to upholster them was another. After lots of problem solving, I have finally been able to do a mock up. Am pretty pleased with how they are looking and have been busy printing the finished designs.

I made the decision to use layered abstract shapes so that each chair could be a similar design but with a different composition and colour.

Using a template of the chair I was able to move it around the design to select a composition.

Finally, the fabric is stretched around foam and attached to the base. YAY

Am currently waiting for the wax to dry on the chairs before I can insert the cushions and see how they will look as a finished series. Will keep you posted!!