repeat patterns

Have been polishing up my repeat pattern skills over the last few weeks. Having done placement printing for so long now and the time consuming task of drying each print and washing out each screen before the next layer, the repeat printing has been a nice change.
These two samples were printed very quickly as a small test run and I also blocked areas on the screen to print a second colour.
Besides the obvious printing errors and the lack of ink in the grey sample, I am pretty happy with how they are coming along.

Playing with scale, I have also printed some smaller repeats with the same pattern to translate into cute clutches. It's always exciting when you finally see your patterns in context.


sample print

Finally got some of my "jelly mould" motifs onto screens to print, however today was one of those days and most of my screens turned out a bit dodgy and washed out. That on top of the 'too tired to print' mood that i was in today, quite a few mistakes were made. The bright colours did make me happy though and all in all, am rather pleased with how these designs are coming along.


manufractured: the conspicuous transformation of everyday objects

This book was a lovely surprise that I received recently and is such an amazing reference to my research at the moment. It is full of so many great artists who's work crosses the boundaries of art, craft and design - combining the handmade with mass produced materials. Definitely a MUST read!! You can check it out here!