pebble fever

tis all about pebbles at the moment....



some more digital / drawing today


pattern collage

having a little play around on photoshop today, collaging patterns together. i really love the different effects that can be created.


baby shower goodness

went to a baby shower on the weekend and got all inspired to turn my new prints into some cute little gifts for the mother-to-be. this months frankie magazine had an adorable wheat toy pattern by pip lincolne , author of,  'meet me at mikes: 25 fun and crafty projects'. was really happy with the result!
also printed my 'pebble' and 'peacock' print on some teeny-tiny clothes for the bub.


test prints

was really nice to get back into the print room today. these are just a few test prints and colourways.


productive thursday

am refreshing my mind on how to do repeat patterns at the moment. last year i worked in a very playful style and was all about random placement and the accidental quality. this year - with the idea of having a product range, which will include ceramics, i am experimenting with the scale of my designs and also seeing what they look like as a repeat.

today i managed to get the images onto screens, after a very unsuccessful attempt last week. looking forward to printing tomorrow!


week three

yup - week three already, scary! always amazes me how quickly time flies. Have spent the last week doing a lot of thinking, really. thinking mostly about my honours proposal and about what it is exactly that i would like to achieve this year. 
one thing that that i know for sure is that i'd like to experiment outside of just using fabric as a way of presenting my designs. i have been very inspired by the ceramics transfer tutorial by skinnylaminx and thought this would be a wonderful way for me to take my designs to a new level. 
i spent most of the morning cutting and pasting sections of previous doodles and patterns onto one page ready to experiment with transfers.


pebble pattern

playing around today with some more patterns:

twig pattern

third bird

this is one of the "birdy" screen prints i did in second year.

this is one of my favourite pictures of my grandmother - the first bird (on the left).

how third bird was born

the name third bird came about when i had the opportunity (thanks to being a poor uni student) to live under the same roof as my grandmother and mother - three generations of female artists. my grandmother, who was in her 90's, was very inspiring and spent most of each day painting very traditional bird paintings.

i went through a massive birdy phase in my second year of uni and birds and bird cages was all i wanted to print in my screen print class.

it was when my mother turned around one day and had sketched this amazing picture of a currawong that we made this cute little connection between the three of us and our art. so by being the third generation chic...i became the third bird!