third bird

this is one of the "birdy" screen prints i did in second year.

this is one of my favourite pictures of my grandmother - the first bird (on the left).

how third bird was born

the name third bird came about when i had the opportunity (thanks to being a poor uni student) to live under the same roof as my grandmother and mother - three generations of female artists. my grandmother, who was in her 90's, was very inspiring and spent most of each day painting very traditional bird paintings.

i went through a massive birdy phase in my second year of uni and birds and bird cages was all i wanted to print in my screen print class.

it was when my mother turned around one day and had sketched this amazing picture of a currawong that we made this cute little connection between the three of us and our art. so by being the third generation chic...i became the third bird!


  1. What a lovely connection.

    I know this might seem an odd thing to say but did you ever look at this pic and think the bag on the left hand side looks like it has a cats tale coming out of it? Most probably not...after a closer look I realise it looks to be a hokey stick : )

    Welcome to blog land and all the best for your honours year. I look forward to checking in.

  2. hi there..

    you're right - it does look like a cats tail! funny you noticed that. the hockey stick is one of things i really love about this photo - the fact that they are all dressed up and carrying their sporty gear.