some jelly mould love

Here are a few Jelly delights I have come across lately.

This gorgeous "Chunky Mod" ring by Shauneil. I just love the colour and, of course, it's both jelly and jewellery...what more could you want?

Yes, that's right folks...glow in the dark jelly. This magical creation is by Bompas and Parr. They have all sorts of culinary delights over at their web site, go check it out!! I only wish this was around back in my blue light disco party days!!

This wind chime idea by SPedigrees is a rather cute way to make use of a jelly mould collection.

These retro cookware charms by incrediblejewelry are just adorable!

Perhaps some inspiration for your next landscaping idea?? These Jelly Stones were found here at Keyser Soze.

And for the garden again..what a great idea to use the Moulds as an indoor, or outdoor pot? This Tiny Garden by theslugandlettuce101 is fantastic!!

And finally..these Pendant Jelly Lights by Kitchen Critic are a fantastic way to recycle objects and create a very unique touch to your interior!!

mid year review

Half way through the uni year already! This is quite a stressful thought as second semester always goes twice as fast as the first and there is soooo much to be done.
Here are some pictures of the work that I had up for my review. I think it has come along a bit since my crit. I have the next five weeks to sample a bit more and play around with new designs.
Am thinking about narrowing my collection focus down to just my jelly moulds and seeing how far I can push my designs using just the shapes and pattern generated from these. I have been doing a few more sketches to play around with.
I kind of like the idea of aiming for a "collection" of textiles, which are directly inspired by a "collection" of objects.


inspiration overload

FINALLY - I am now the proud owner of this crafty bible, which is the creation of the very talented Pip Lincolne of Meet me at Mikes. I was very excited about the book having already had a taste of one of the crafty pleasures when this cute wheatie toy pattern was in Frankie Magazine and I made it for a baby shower gift using my own printed fabric. I think the same baby will be soon be spoilt with another crafty creation.
It is definitely a must-have for any crafty persons bookshelf.


before and after

before and after
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my attempt at re-upholstering a vintage foot stool with one of my recent screen-printed designs. very poorly photographed but you can get the idea!