canberra handmade market

What a weekend!

My very first Canberra Handmade Market was a huge success and went off without a hitch. I had loads of positive feedback and clever suggestions which has left me brimming with new ideas.

The new location at the Kamberra Wine Company had a really great atmosphere and the friendliness of the other stall holders and the super amazing organisers made the whole day a really enjoyable experience!


and the winner is...

...Lucky ( or sometimes not) number 13. Congratulations Phill!! Thanks to random.org, you are the proud new owner of this here lovely, hand printed tea towel. And thanks to Phill's awesome suggestion - this series now has the new name of spin cycle!!

Thank you to all the lovely comments and ideas. It would have been so hard to choose a name myself. Hooray for computer generated randomness!


partly cloudy

As previously mentioned, I have been decorating some cute little vintage plates with cloudy shapes. This is for a group exhibition that I am part of, called Partly Cloudy.

Partly Cloudy is a group show which will invoke a variety of interpretation of one of the most beautiful and fleeting, natural formations - the cloud. A group of Canberra based artists will assemble their work throughout the exhibition space creating a quirky, beautiful and billowing experience that will leave you wanting to lie down and watch the clouds go by.

I am very excited and can't wait to see all the other ideas and interpretations at the opening night. Will take lots of photos!

turbine cushion

From the kitchen to the couch, the turbine print has found a new home. I was quite excited about getting away from the books yesterday and playing around on the sewing machine and was rather pleased with how these cushions turned out. Can't wait to so some more!

pocket arrangement | week 8

With assignments coming out my ears and exhibitions and markets to prepare for, my little arrangement series has been put on hold. In fact, nice long walks with the dog have become quick throws of the ball and then back to the books, which has meant less collecting. This afternoon I made the effort and took the time to look around and find some new objects. There were lots of cute curly gum leaves that were catching my attention today!

Have crammed two weeks into one to catch up so excuse the rushed arrangements. Will try and find some time to draw some inspiration from them soon!

pocket arrangement | week 7


sneak peek

Have been busy decorating some cute little vintage plates for an upcoming exhibition. More info soon!