wind turbines

Another pattern idea for "windwash". I think I'm liking this one better for a tea towel print, I think?

pocket arrangement | week 4

My walk yesterday was amongst lots of gum trees as you can tell by these arrangements. Very gum nutty, indeed!


wind turbines

This is a (very rough) repeat pattern idea that I am working on for an upcoming group exhibition that I am going to be a part of.

The theme is "winds of change" and will consist of printed tea towels that will be hung around certain locations in country NSW. It sounds like it will be really lovely. Will post more information about it soon.


digital drawing

pocket arrangement | week 3

Its exciting that this arrangement series will also act as a tangible reminder of road trips and places I visit, as well as walks with my dog. This particular arrangement has a number of coastal treats from our drive home from Bellingen yesterday. Its nice to observe the different colour variations from different areas.

sunshine and good times

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have had two weddings to attend to in the last two weeks! Both of which were in really gorgeous parts of Australia.

Bellow are a few snaps of the Bellingen area where we were lucky enough to spend a whole week swimming in the beautiful oceans, cristal clear rivers and what more can I say...just check out the view we had from our accommodation! Bliss


:: giveaway winner ::

With the help of random.org, I now have a lucky winner to announce for my first ever blog giveaway.

Congratulations to handmade romance. You are now the owner of this cute little cup, decorated by hand using hand screenprinted ceramic decals.

I encourage you all to pop over and visit the handmade romance blog, there are loads of inspiring things to look at (including a very cute staffy):) She also has an etsy shop where you can buy yourself very unique, one-of-a-kind broochy goodness!!

A big huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by and given me feedback. I now have a good idea of what are the more popular colours and designs. I also have a whole heap of new favourite blogs to visit.


pocket arrangement | week 2

OK, so I know it's still technically only week 1, but this is always what happens when I begin a new project, I get impatient and ahead of myself. I've justified it by the fact that I will be away for TWO weddings in the next two weeks so may not get a chance to post things. I am sure though, that I will also find lots of new fab things on my travels to post when I get back.

Don't forget, my giveaway ends tomorrow. Will be randomly selecting the winner in the afternoon so there is still some time!!

birch seed

Check out how much this little guy has opened up since I found him a couple of days ago on the ground. I really love birch seeds. They will definitely be featuring more and more in future designs, I'm sure. In fact....

another quick sketch:

a rather lovely rolling pin

Was making home made pasta tonight at my mothers house and asked her if she had a rolling pin. "yes," she said, "the one you made me".
I opened up the bottom draw and my year 7 wood class came flooding back. I remember it being one of my favourite classes (besides textiles, of course) and I also recall making a spice rack, a little wooden stool and a wind mobile.
I felt rather proud of myself, rolling my homemade dough with my hand made rolling pin. Very DIY housewife!

pattern inspiration

week 1: Digital drawings


pocket arrangement | week 1

On long walks with my dog, I am constantly filling my pockets with all kinds of little things that grab my attention along the way. I find the interesting shapes and textures of random bits and pieces, both natural and man made, to be inspiring and often sparking a creative idea.

Inspired by the flickr group 'organized collection', and as a loose continuation of ideas from my last years research project, I have decided to record these little trinkets as a weekly project to inform new pattern inspiration.

Each week, from now to the end of the year, I will organise and group these finds and photograph the arrangement. Throughout the week, I will draw from this arrangement, working with mixed media; including collage, drawing, digital manipulation etc, to develop pattern suitable for printed fabric.

I am hoping this challenge will keep me inspired throughout the year and it will be interesting to see how the arrangements vary along the way.