:: giveaway winner ::

With the help of random.org, I now have a lucky winner to announce for my first ever blog giveaway.

Congratulations to handmade romance. You are now the owner of this cute little cup, decorated by hand using hand screenprinted ceramic decals.

I encourage you all to pop over and visit the handmade romance blog, there are loads of inspiring things to look at (including a very cute staffy):) She also has an etsy shop where you can buy yourself very unique, one-of-a-kind broochy goodness!!

A big huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by and given me feedback. I now have a good idea of what are the more popular colours and designs. I also have a whole heap of new favourite blogs to visit.


  1. omg! i am so excited thanks so much for the opportunity to win this beautiful cup!! i feel very lucky. its my birthday this week too so kind of a nicely timed win : ) also a big thanks for all of your very lovely words. all the best evie xx

  2. Congratulations Evie!! A great giveaway Deidre!

  3. Thank you so much Deidre! My new fav cup arrived today, its adorable I love it and the super, special something extra. That was very kind of you. I feel a bit spoilt! I will be wearing it tomorrow. Brooches are my favourite accessory - how did you know ; ) xx

  4. Oh dammit I totally missed this giveaway! You lucky thing Evie! What a lovely way to start the year.