Lucky I looked in my diary just now otherwise I would have completely forgotten that today is my blogaversary! That's right, one whole year of blogging!

To celebrate, I have decided to have a giveaway of my most recent printing excitement...the wind turbine tea towel!

To enter, just leave a comment with perhaps a suggestion of a more exciting name for this series. Wind turbine tea towel just sounds so drab but is the best that my poor, stressed out brain can think of right now. For an extra chance to win, perhaps a little blog post to spread the love!

Winner will be announced on March 14. Good luck!


turbine tea towel

Was so nice to get back into printing again today. I haven't had my hands on a squeegee since the end of Honours and was really beginning to miss the process.

I had the chance to print the Wind Turbine pattern which I designed for the wind wash exhibition, organised by Megalo Print Studio/Galley for next month. Am really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to experiment with different colours.


moving house

The last few weeks for me has been absolutely nuts! Have committed myself to an extra year of full-time study and was completely unprepared for how intense the work load is. It has only been two weeks and all the reading is making me feel dizzy!

On top of this I have been moving house, which is always a huge ordeal for me as I am a ridiculous hoarder, with a 'compulsive collecting disorder' as I am now calling it after realising just how many suitcases I actually own. They had been pretty spread out at my previous house, hidden in cupboards, stacked in the garage and arranged in my studio. It wasn't until I piled them all together and needed to make an extra trip just for them that I realised it's probably time to stop purchasing them!

Not the best photo, but you can get the general idea!


canberra handmade market

Some very exciting news that I have to share is my acceptance to participate in the very lovely Canberra handmade market (and being included in their very stylish advertising above!!). This is a quarterly market that showcases some very crafty and talented folk with a focus on handmade goodness.

This will be my very first market experience and I am currently busy working away making things from my previous designs and developing some new ones which will have their debut at the market.


pocket arrangement | week 5

There really is something about flat, rusted bottle tops. They always catch my attention and I go through phases of collecting them and then chucking them out. Am happy to have finally given them a purpose by including them in my arrangements. I love the organic, circular shapes of them, which is a shape that I am constantly drawn to and appears in quite a lot of my designs.

This weeks arrangement is loaded with pattern inspiration. Especially the acorn shapes. Lovely!