something old, something new

Today I took an old design I drew about 5 years ago and repeated it into something new.
Recently when I re-ordered decals for my ceramics, I arranged my patterns into neat rows to save time in cutting out the shapes. I was really drawn to the new patterns that these neat little rows created. Today I put the "lumpy" shape row into Illustrator and created a repeat pattern. I really loved the pos/neg shapes that this created. All of a sudden there were pebble shapes (which I LOVE) and diamond shapes. What I really love the most is that I have a new pattern to complement my ceramic range without having to order a whole new batch of decals!

Here is a snippet of today's creative process:

1. The decals and their pretty little rows
2. Digital design
3. Printed designs
4. Cutting stencils
 5. Test printing
6. Repeat pattern
7. Tea towel.
 8. Matching ceramics!