moving house

The last few weeks for me has been absolutely nuts! Have committed myself to an extra year of full-time study and was completely unprepared for how intense the work load is. It has only been two weeks and all the reading is making me feel dizzy!

On top of this I have been moving house, which is always a huge ordeal for me as I am a ridiculous hoarder, with a 'compulsive collecting disorder' as I am now calling it after realising just how many suitcases I actually own. They had been pretty spread out at my previous house, hidden in cupboards, stacked in the garage and arranged in my studio. It wasn't until I piled them all together and needed to make an extra trip just for them that I realised it's probably time to stop purchasing them!

Not the best photo, but you can get the general idea!


  1. there sure are a lot of suitcases.... :P

  2. At least they have a purpose - and can be used for packing all the other "stuff" we end up with in life. Much nicer than packing boxes.
    But, yes - that's a lot of suitcases!

  3. you are kidding!
    am I in suitcase heaven or what...LOVE them