placement printing

Step 1: Clean white fabric stapled to the table. Such a contrast to the busy backing cloth!!

Step 2: Large paper cut-out brown dots. Texture created using crayon wax resit from a rubbing off my wallpaper.

Step 3: Grey Shapes, randomly placed.

Step 4: Green shapes, randomly placed by eye.

Step 5, 6 and 7: Grey transparent paper cut-out, Red dots and Grey opaque circle shape.

Step 8: Opaque white paper cut-out circles.

Step 9: Orange flowery shape.

Step 10: Setting up paper cut-out shape for the next shape.

Step 11: Charcoal shape.

Detail shot of charcoal shape.

Step 12: Grey spiky shapes.

Step 13: Green circle shape. The fabric is beginning to get lost in the backing cloth.

Step 14: Transparent brown dots. Paper cut-out.

Step 15: Charcoal flower shape.

Step 16: Transparent grey, textured paper cut-out circle.

Step 17: Green dots.

Step 18: Grey opaque small, scalloped shaped dots.

Step 19: Pink dots!!! Was working very intuitively with colour choices and was very excited about the pink. I think it made all the difference. I decided that now that the cloth had pretty much merged into the backing cloth, that it was time to finish.

Step 20: Final layer of opaque white, flowery shapes and it's ready to pull off.


Detail photo. This is my favourite part, observing the interesting patterns that are happening in cropped areas of the over all print.


  1. Lovely print. Might be great as upholstery on a wing back chair

  2. This is gorgeous! What are you going to do with it now?

  3. Thank you, Ladies :)
    This was a sample that I plan to print again with a bit more focus on colour and motif choices realted to my Honours concept. I also want to play around with digitally printing fat quarters of the detail shots for framed wall panels.

    Wing backed chairs would be amazing, however i'm starting small and am in the process of restoring some old bentwood chairs to upholster cushions for.
    I have also purchased another chair that may look amazing, but all depends on time and cost.

  4. wow, i love the number of layers you've made ~ such a lot of work! it seems 'finished' with the pink on top, beautiful.

  5. so how many layers did you print? It looks great. We are thinking about placement prints as an at-home approach to yardage.