more collection pattern

these are my vintage copper-coloured, jelly moulds that i accumulated from the local opp-shops. i have always liked these as a little series and, of course, for their patterns.
today i was playing around on photoshop again and just by simplifying the shapes with a filter, i am really excited about the new ideas this has generated.

my collection
simplified in olive green (from my canister colourway)

two more colours

below is a collage that i was playing around with, combining shapes from my ceramic collection and jelly moulds.

i loved the colours in this one so much that it became my new header!!!


  1. I love the vase collage. Could make some interesting textiles. A tablecloth maybe?

  2. definitely textiles! a table runner is a great idea. will hopefully be experimenting with these shapes onto fabric this week sometime. looking forward to it.