turning 30

twas my birthday last week - the BIG 3-oh!! the only way to really celebrate is with vodka jelly shots...yum. so much fun to make as well!

i got very, very spoilt for my birthday. was especially excited about these brooches from my lovely bf. i am finally a proud owner of my very own betty jo design after wanting one for about 2 years now. and, of course, lost in the woods. am still a bit shattered about losing my fav pink and white bird brooch at a smelly night club one big night out. i wore it everywhere! to have a new one...wow! the gorgeous little tree is by oak. so very spoilt!!


  1. Happy Birthday. I don't even celebrate anymore (and I'm only 33). Nice brooches.

  2. You got spoiled rotten! The brooches are gorgeous.

  3. Oh, am SUCH a fan of lost in the woods, enjoy all that broochy goodness and a very happy 30th (great age!). Super clever boy.