Nami Yamamoto

Radiant Flux (detail), 2008,
handmade paper: abaca with phosphorescent powder

Miniature Garden, 2006, cut paperMiniature Garden, 2006, cut paper

So, I may have let my little weekly 'pocket collection' series slide, for now, but may have just come accross the inspiration to kick me in the bum and begin collecting and arranging again. Yamamoto uses her disparate collection of natural and man-made ephemera to inspire her beautiful paper-cut series. Her arrangements are simply stunning!


  1. Great patterns!! So loving my Third Bird chicken from Shop Handmade, i think i picked him up just after you left the other day. Love Posie

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing, her cut out work is inspiring! Your blog is really a pleasure to read, and I love your buckle pattern, and line work too :)