New Shop Handmade display

I have borrowed these images off the gorgeous Shop Handmade blog which captures their new shop display featuring loads of my products. Very exciting, indeed! Can you spot the chickens? These were a creation of my mother (aka, second bird) using off-cuts of my hand printed fabric. Thank you, Handmade ladies! You're wonderful :)


  1. Hi, there, couldn't find an email address for you, so thought i would just post a comment instead. I visited Handmade recently, and took some pics of your stuff - loved it! And love your staffy by the way :) Have posted some pics and a link to this blog on my blog page - hope you don't mind me posting the details here, but just so you know your stuff is very much admired! www.freerangeclothing.blogspot.com Cheers :)

  2. congratulations! what a super display and by the looks a gorgeous shop to be stocked in xx

  3. I think homemade display idea can be unique & creative idea for your shop window display and ideas you shared is good, did get good idea about shop display.
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