colour, colour, colour

Today was all about mixing lots and lots of colour!
Earlier this semester I did a four day colour workshop with Merv Moriarty which gave me a greater understanding of practical colour mixing, colour matching and the relationship of colour. Towards the end of the workshop Merv gave a quick demonstration on Illustrator on how to lock a chosen set of colours into a colour wheel and spin them around to see the different variations of colours within the same tonal range and hue.
I sat in an Illustrator class with the second year students who were practicing this method and creating digital colour swatches and got a quick lesson in how to do this with the five colours that I have been using. The result from this was a great excuse to perhaps introduce some pink into my work! I mean, who doesn't love a bit of pink pared with grey? May sound pretty awful if pink isn't your thing but below you can see how it seems to blend nicely with my other colours.
I am usually quite meticulous at keeping a record of my recipes but unfortunately I was in a bit of an experimental mood today and the up side of this is the most beautiful navy blue that I have ever mixed and the down side is that I'm not entirely sure how I quite got it. Ah, well..it's still lovely all the same.


  1. I love all the colors. You really are great @ this:)

  2. lovely lovely colours! i did textile design at university and this makes me want to grab a squeegee right now!

  3. looks like fun (messy fun) ... i love your banner with the pigeon, tres cute

  4. delicious range ... want to decorate my house?