wednesday inspiration

It is just by coincidence that  the artists I chose to post today are both Queensland based artists. There must be something in the water there because both these artists work are just amazing and use the ideas of collecting in such an inspiring way.

Donna Marcus is a collector of vintage kitchenware and aluminium tins and arranges them in to these gorgeous patterned compositions and sculptures. The original purpose and familiarity of the object seems to be lost in the beauty of the arrangement.
Donna also has breath taking collections and sculptures of jelly moulds which I will find a picture of and post.

Victoria Reichelt is a painter who's inspiration comes from collections of ordinary object. The process of collecting, arranging and photographing the objects, she says, is as important as the painting itself.
Of course the suitcases caught my particular attention. If you didn't already know, I am quite obsessed with vintage suitcases. You can view my collection here.

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