hint of colour

For my final exhibition I am planning on having some lengths of fabric on one of the walls to show my patterns on a larger scale and as an over all design. To relate this back to my ideas about the notions of collecting, I am planning on using the repeat pattern as opposed to my randomly placed designs as it is the patterns created when grouping and the repetition of form and colour that I find interesting in collections of objects and am hoping to emphasize this in my work.

As each length will be the same repeat, I want to add an individual touch to each one to highlight the the unique qualities of an individual object in a set. Today I was experimenting with the same repeat and different hints of colour to try and get different effects.

I am still trying to get my head around the theory and conceptual side of my project which is why some of the above may not have made any sense. At least the patterns may be pretty to look at.. I do hope so!!


  1. Your patterns are beautiful.. I love the experimentation. It will be interesting to see what you land on as the final products!

  2. Hi! I really like the red accent - it goes beautifully with the green and the black. Nice work!