cushion pieces

I spent the entire day today printing pieces of fabric for my cushions. I will be exhibiting 15 cushions in 5 stacks of three in groups of colour. The colours that I have settled on are grey, yellow, pink orange and blue. Today I printed and heat pressed (my least favourite part of the printing process) my orange, blue and pink pieces. Hopefully they will be all finished by the end of next week. Then there is still my chairs left to print and upholster, my collage series, my lengths, my ceramics..oh, and a 5000 word report to finish too :( all to be done in 6 weeks. Yikes!!!


  1. Yay! You have won the name the orange owl giveaway. Just send me your address and he'll
    be headin' your way soon. xLiz

  2. Gosh, don't you work hard ? Love your blog by the way

  3. Beautiful fabrics - and I do feel your too many balls juggling in the air pain!